The Ripple Effect

Both great jobs and poor jobs lead to a ripple effect around you. At a great job you will feel fulfilled, energized, and committed to the higher purpose of an organization. This not only creates a direct ripple effect on those you serve but also impacts every interaction you have throughout a given day.

Someone who feels a sense of fulfillment with their work is more likely too be generous with their time and energy; they are more ready and able to help a neighbor or friend and to be present for their spouse or children when they get home from work and recharge on the weekends.

The same ripple effect happens when you are working a poor job at an unhealthy company. You will feel drained and unfulfilled by your work coupled with a lack of motivation that comes with disconnection from the purpose of the organization. This ripples out not only into the quality of your work and how well you serve the customer but back out into society as a whole.

You will be less likely to have the time or energy to help a neighbor or friend, be present for your family, and even care for yourself. The workplace has a powerful ripple effect.

As leaders and business owners we need to be mindful of this impact with every business decision and interaction.

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