The Workplace of the Future

When I picture the workplace of the future the word that comes to mind is “balanced.”

I see:

– 40 hour work weeks (or less!) typically 8am to 4pm

– 30 minute lunches, on site, with colleagues in a comfortable space

– Flextime and up to 40% of the work week conducted remotely

– Commutes under 30 minutes each way

– Always “home by dinner”

– Holidays and weekends off

– 5 weeks paid vacation time, ideally the whole company would take vacation around the same time so work is truly stopped

– Health and family always come first; be 100% when you’re in the office

– When at work; work intensely & leave work at the door when you leave

– Free on-site childcare from 6mo to 6 years

– Inclusive and positive cultures

– Pay equality and diversity in upper level leadership

– You are trusted and supported to get the job done

– Comprehensive medical coverage

– Work-spaces simple in design but smart, uncluttered, and comfortable

– 12 to 24 weeks paid maternity, paternity, and adoption leave depending on criteria

– Adjustable desks and meeting space that allow for both sitting and standing

– Retirement matching up to 10%

– Compensate at a living/ fair rate across the company


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